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The Mediterranean Diet

My recent holiday to Turkey got me thinking about the British (and ‘western’) diet and just how bad it is for our health and for the planet.

Diets, Weight loss and the Environment

Diets, Weight loss and the Environment

A collaborative blog with Suzy Harper on diets, weight loss and the environment.

Sea Level Rise

What are the implications of a rising sea-level?  How will society react, what about nature?

Reflections on Carbon Choices

Three years on from publishing Carbon Choices, what has changed?  Would I write the same again?  What is next?  Another book?

What if?

What if every country promoted electric cars like Norway, reforested like Costa Rica, promoted cycling like Holland, invested in renewable energy like Paraguay and ate a vegetarian diet like many people in India?  Could this solve our climate crisis?

My Heat Pump halved our Energy Bill

Do heat pumps work?  Are they noisy?  Is my home warm?  Is it expensive?  How did I halve my bill?  I can finally reveal the answers!

Bold Climate Solutions – mandates on industry

Ban, legislate, regulate, cajole…which is the best option to tackle the climate emergency?

The Future of the Scottish Highlands

A visit to the new Dundreggan rewilding centre got me thinking about the choices we have for the future of land-use in the Scottish Highlands.

What has the Greenhouse Effect ever done for us?

My thoughts on why things might be even worse if there was no greenhouse effect.