I felt compelled to write this book to see if I can, in my own small way, help people to make the changes that we need to prevent humans from causing climate change and destroying wildlife.

I am a geography graduate from Scotland who worked as a Chartered Accountant and auditor for 20 years.  I became increasingly frustrated knowing that humans were slowly ruining our planet. Most people seemed to be blissfully unaware, and I was not doing anything about it.  I made a successful career change to work to promote Sustainable Development Policy for a government agency.  I am now a member of the Institute of Water and work as an Energy Specialist.  However, this book is independent of my employer.  Any views expressed are my own.

Carbon Choices will help businesses and consumers to influence governments to set tight regulations; will encourage businesses to offer consumers better choices; and will empower individuals to make better choices for our climate and for wildlife.

COP26 Climate Change Conference

My origninal intention was to publish Carbon Choices before the November 2020 climate change conference (now postponed to November 2021). This conference will be the largest event ever held in the UK and will be the most important global summit ever held.  180 international leaders, over 30,000 international delegates plus journalists and protestors will come to Scotland. Some say it is the last chance for all countries to agree a stronger international treaty to reduce human induced climate change.  Without a strong agreement we are heading towards climate catastrophe.

Help Sought

Please contact me (carbonchoices@gmail.com) if you can help with:

  • Introductions to contacts and influencers
  • Marketing contacts (social media, journals, blogs, podcasts, book festivals, magazines)
  • Opportunities for me to present the solutions to climate change to conferences or groups
Please spread the word to anybody with an interest in climate change, wildlife or their future.  Follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram.  

Thank you
Neil Kitching