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Santa turns a shade of green

Something different!  A short 1,000 word story for adults and children on how owl helped Santa to become more green with his Christmas presents.

Installing a heat pump

Learn from my experience of installing a heat pump at home. 

Cost of Energy Explained

Why has the cost of energy for our homes gone up so much?  Why has an increase in the price of natural gas affected the cost of electricity?  Welcome to the wonderful world of energy economics, explained as simply as I can!

Home Energy Grants

Here I share my experience of applying for grants and loans for energy efficiency and installing renewables at home.

Can we, should we, buy less stuff?

A short question that is not easy to answer.  Here I discuss if, and how, we can reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ we buy and consume and argue that we should campaign to promote a better quality of life.

My Electric Vehicle Adventures

My Electric Vehicle Adventures

Exciting news. I bought a second-hand electric vehicle (EV).  A big expense.  Was it worth it?

Climate Blogs to share

In this article, I weave the various themes of my blogs together.  These blogs aim to be interesting, and to educate and inspire.   

Climate Impacts

Six months on from the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow I feel like I am living in a parallel universe. In one, there are bold ambitions from politicians and business leaders announcing 'groundbreaking' net zero targets.  Meanwhile in the real world our climate ignores these future 'promises' and follows the science.  

The Super Rich

Can you be rich and green? How should you spend a windfall to 'save' the planet?