Please contact me at if you want me to speak at an event or conference or to record a podcast.  I can write a blog about my book, or on many different climate change/rewilding topics.  I have a powerpoint presentation on climate change, nature and the solutions using my own photographs.


A short letter to world leaders attending COP26 – The Glasgow Agreement – “I want COP26 to be the turning point, the tipping point for governments, businesses and citizens”.

The Daily Record featured an article on my motivations to write Carbon Choices and summarises the key themes.  Also published in the Perthshire Advertiser and The Courier, 7.11.20 (weekend magazine).  Two very short book promotional videos on Twitter. 

You can watch me discussing Carbon Choices with American TV talk show host Doug Parsons from Cimpatico Studios.  It covers what inspired me to write, climate tipping points, impacts on Scotland, solutions, nature, agriculture, cattle, our diets and COP26.  Also John D Burns, Scottish Mountaineer, interviewed me on his 'Outside in' podcast discussing the book, agriculture and Scotland.  A 5 minute video on why I wrote Carbon Choices - and what business can do to tackle climate change.  For a good 9 minute summary of my book and my message, listen to the War on Climate Change podcast.

A short Q&A blog on why I wrote Carbon Choices and what you can do on climate change.

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society have published a blog I wrote providing a comprehensive summary of the book with some photographs, and please read the Team Geography GeogChat blog to see why the book is ideal for geography teacher and their pupils.

A "must read", Philip Rodney writing in The Times (Scotland), 26.10.20, or on-line business section (subscribers only) 26.10.20.

A short interview with the John Muir Trust on climate change and nature.  An article in Revitalization magazine on how we can begin to restore our world through regenerative agriculture and rewilding. A similar blog on Pawprint on agriculture and rewilding.

A short blog on how communities can tackle our climate and nature crises and a more in-depth one published by Scottish Communities Climate Action Network.  A blog on community energy investments published by Abundance.

A blog, 17.10.20, on the ESGmark (environment, social and governance) on what business can do to enhance their environmental credentials. 

A blog on my views on transport, EVs and town and country planning (published by RTPI).

A blog on sustainability and the Arts and Culture published by Creative Carbon Scotland.

A blog on whether artificial intelligence and digital technology is good for sustainability.

A short blog on my views on wellbeing and happiness.

A blog, 3.10.20, in the Times Education Supplement (TES) on what teachers can do to tackle climate change.

An article in Water Briefing about water footprints, energy and fast fashion and how climate and nature impacts the water utilities in the Institute of Water magazine.

A full feature in Sustain Europe (autumn/winter 2020) on how tourists and the tourism sector can reduce their carbon impact - accommodation, attractions, food and flights.

A blog on the connection between Carbon Choices and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.