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Green Books Guide

A list of environmental books with a positive educational message - fiction or non-fiction - climate change, nature and rewilding.  To have your book included, please contact me at

Have a look at my short blog on my 5 favourite climate and nature books published on Shepherd for Authors.

Carbon Choices (2020)  Neil Kitching
An easy to read guide to our climate and nature crises. Describes the effects of climate change, the building blocks to solve the issues and the common-sense solutions that governments, business, communities and individuals can take to tackle it.  

Aimed at students, and adults who want to make up for not learning about climate change at school.
Buy:  Website:  Twitter:  @carbonchoicesuk

The Adventures of Captain Polo (2021) Alan J Hesse
Book 4, Pole to Pole, presents an engaging introduction to climate change ranging from polar ice-melt to climate refugees. Travel the world through the eyes and adventures of Captain Polo the polar bear.  It is a tale of action and adventure, with a strong dose of humour. 

Aimed at children from age 9, as well as science teachers and homeschooling parents. 
Buy:  Website:  Twitter: @AlanJamesHesse1

Bright Green Future (2021) Gregory Schwartz and Trevor Decker Cohen

A hopeful book of people powered solutions to climate change told through stories of innovators, activists, and community builders. 

Aimed at anyone who wants to know what's being done about climate change and how to get involved. 
Buy: Bright Green Future.  Website:   Twitter: @brightgreenfutr

Doughnut Economics (2017) Kate Raworth
A planet where we should aim to live within the 'doughnut' - sustaining a quality of life for all but within environmental planetary boundaries.  Showcases the limits to traditional economics.

Aimed at those interested in economics or sustainable development  
Buy:  Amazon or bookshops   Website:   Twitter: @KateRaworth

Stonechild (2011) Kevin Albin
An eco-fiction novel where the famous statues of London come to life with a serious message on conservation.  The battle for London begins, but just how do the police shoot stone and metal?

Aimed at young adults but being read by all ages.
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Scotland 2070: Healthy, Wealthy, Wise (2020)  Ian Godden, Hillary Sillitto, Dorothy Godden
An ambitious vision for Scotland’s future – without the politics... blends thoroughly researched factual writing with fictional stories to set out a positive vision of our country’s long-term future.  

Aimed at those who care about Scotland and its future economy, society and environment.
Buy:  on Amazon   Website:  Twitter:  @hsillitto

The Carbon Buddy Manual (2020) Colin Hastings
This book provides a clear, step-by-step guide to reducing your carbon emissions in a way that fits your personal situation, sustains your motivation, and gets your friends involved too. Psychology meets climate change.

Aimed at those wanting to lower their carbon footprint  
Buy:  Amazon  Website:  Twitter: @carbonbuddyproj



Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life (2014) George Monbiot

A thought provoking book on nature and rewilding.

Half Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life (2016) Edward O. Wilson

A compelling argument to preserve half our planet to avoid mass species extinctions.

How Bad are Bananas (2020) Mike Berners-Lee

The carbon footprint of everything in a fun and easy to read style.

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey (2020) Susan Wright, Peter Cairns and Nick Underdown

As the title suggests, a vision for a wilder Scotland - herbivores and carnivores in our forests, peatlands and oceans.

Silent Spring (1962) Rachel Carson

The 'original' environmental book including the catastrophic impact of early pesticides on birds.

Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air (2009) David MacKay

A fantastic analysis of energy in all its forms, bringing it all down to earth.

The Great Soul of Siberia (2017) Sooyong Park

Tracking the last remaining Siberian tigers in their ever diminishing wilderness.

The Uninhabitable Earth (2019) David Wallace-Wells

A rather depressing insight into the perils of climate change.

There is no Planet B (2019/21) Mike Berners-Lee

A 'rival' to my book!  How humanity can combat the climate emergency.

Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm (2019)   Isabella Tree

An impressive rewilding initiative, not in the remote Highlands, but in Sussex, not far from London.


OTHER RECOMMENDED BOOKS (that I haven't read)

The New Climate War (2021) Michel E. Mann - endorsed by Greta Thunberg

A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future (2020) David Attenborough

No One is too small to make a Difference (2019) Greta Thunberg

Six Degrees (2008) & Our Final Warning (2020) Mark Lynas

The Future we Choose: The Stubborn Optimist's Guide to the Climate (2020) Christiana Figures & Tom Rivett-Carnac